The PM Advantage: Versatility, Value, and Quality

Powder Metallurgy is an exciting and dynamic manufacturing technology that offers a host of important advantages.

P/M Versatility

• P/M is versatile and adaptable.
It is widely utilized by a large number of industries, including automotive, business machines, aerospace, electrical and electronic equipment, small and major appliances, agricultural/garden equipment, and hand and power tools.

• P/M makes the impossible achieveable. Parts that are too difficult to make by any other production method can be manufactured using the P/M process. Parts made of difficult-to-fabricate materials such as tungsten, tungsten carbide, or molybdenum cannot be manufactured efficiently by any other process.

• P/M is a cost-effective alternative. Many machined parts, castings, and forgings can be economically manufactured with the P/M process, creating substantial savings of both time and money.

P/M Value

• P/M eliminates waste.
A “chipless” metalworking process, P/M typically utilizes up to 97% of the starting raw material in the finished part.

• P/M saves steps. Additional assembly steps may be eliminated with multiple level designs which combine two or more separate shapes into a one-piece P/M part. In addition, P/M parts are produced at or very close to final dimensions, so little if any machining is required.

P/M Quality

• The P/M process creates quality parts.
P/M components have exceptional precision, strength, and utility. The flexibility of P/M parts design makes it possible to create components for a wide variety of industries.

• P/M components can be oil impregnated. Impregnated parts can function as self-lubricating bearings

• P/M part design is precise and adaptable. P/M components can be formed in complex contours and multiple levels.

• P/M delivers top quality and outstanding economy. Advances in P/M technology make it possible to manufacture complex parts economically without sacrificing quality

• P/M components are durable and reliable. The P/M process makes it possible to manufacture components of exceptional reliability.

• P/M creates components of exceptional strength. Precision hot forging from sintered blanks and preforms extends P/M capabilities and results in components of increased strength and durability.

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